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Harry Stebbings

Harry is the Founder of The Twenty Minute VC, the world's largest media asset in venture with over 5 million downloads per month featuring General Partners from leading VC funds including Sequoia Capital, Founders Fund, Y Combinator, Benchmark, Accel and Index. Harry also works with Jason Lemkin on the official SaaStr podcast which is the world’s largest in the world of SaaS with a subscriber base in excess of 100,000. Prior to Stride.VC, Harry was EIR and a member of the investment team at Atomico.

You can follow him in short form on twitter @HarryStebbings and in audio form via his podcast.

Fred Destin

Fred was previously a General Partner with Accel and Atlas Venture (now Accomplice) and an early backer and board member of a series of notable startups including Zoopla, Deliveroo, Pillpack, Secret Escapes, Integral Ad Science, DailyMotion and PriceMinister amongst others. Seven of his 18 investments to date have now exited, with the remaining seven holding a combined valuation of more than $4 billion. Fred is passionate about ‘open sourcing’ venture capital and fostering better VC - entrepreneur interaction.

You can follow him in short form on twitter @fdestin and in more detail on Medium.

Pia d'Iribarne

Pia was previously at Accel where she focused on SaaS and consumer internet companies and invested in companies including Doctolib, Framer, Payfit, Selency and Shift Technology. She was a board observer at Payfit, Selency and Shift Technology. Prior to that, she was at Felix Capital and McKinsey & Company. Pia is French and lives between London and Paris.

You can follow her on twitter @piadiri.

The Faction
Conviction Commitment Clarity

We’re easy to approach but tough to get money from.
We favour prototypes over powerpoints.
We write meaningful cheques at the stage it really matters.
We respect the journey and embrace the chaos.
We’re hands on where it really counts and keep our distance when the time is right.
We ensure that every board meeting is a whiteboard meeting.
This is our passion, our purpose and our craft.